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It's the time (or soon to be) of the year where we all forget that we fought against eachother in PL and get into the same page as one country (continent!). World cup is around the corner and we will be dividing it into 2 parts; Pre-World Cup, and World Cup. The former will be divided into 3 stages: discussion, managers signups, and players signups so we can run things as smoothly as we can.

Discussion stage [19 June 2019 - TBD]
Managers signups [14 July 2019 - 21 July 2019]
Players signups [22 July 2019 - TBD, somewhere around second week of August]

This is stage number one where we will discuss with the community our intentions and what we have changed / or expect to change in this year's World Cup. There's 3 main points that I'm going to touch, the first being metagames included, second being regions and third eligibility That's why I'm asking you to read everything carefully before making your post.

On metagames;
We have studied previous tournaments and have decided that this year's format will have;

USUM 1v1 Bo5
USUM 1v1 Bo5
USUM 1v1 Bo5
USUM 1v1 Bo5
ORAS 1v1 Bo5
ORAS 1v1 Bo5
BW 1v1 Bo5
DPP 1v1 Bo5

We have kept the four (4) USUM for World Cup as we feel that adding more spots to old generations would be, let's say, bad in a competitive vision as BW and DPP aren't ready to welcome a second slot and ORAS already has two and a third wouldn't give us a lot of awaited games. We have decided to remove 2v2 from World Cup as it isn't a metagame that we want to endorse in all 1v1 tournaments, we have added it in 1v1 Premier League so we can remove it from World Cup. 2v2 Doubles had average games this PL and last WC they were worse. This indicates that the play level of 2v2 Doubles is increasing but it isn't enough for us to justify it being used in both of our team tournaments, it is also a 1v1 "OM" and shouldn't follow us in all tournaments. DPP was added as it is an old gen of 1v1 and our objective was to develop more and more old gens, DPP was in Classic and PL and I'm sure it found it place in future 1v1 tournaments unlike ADV which is still struggling into getting a bigger playerbase or get represented somewhere other than Classic. Keep in mind that this selection isn't finalized and we might change it to revert changes, add a second BW slot or add an ADV slot if deemed necessary instead of any present metagame. This is why we have this discussion thread.

On region;
The mainevent of last 1v1 World Cup was the "amazing" Europe split that gave us 3 Europes. One Europe went on winning the WC (Coastal), one was so bad it ended up being last (North), and one was middle tier (South). This year we have 3 options that I'd like to propose.

Option A: Utilize last year's US and Europe map,
Europe Map HERE, USA Map HERE
That Map split gives us 8 teams: Asia, Canada+OCE, Coastal, South+Africa, and North Europe, Central+Latin, West, and East US.

Option B: To balance things out we can split Europe into 2 instead of 3 parts first being Germany+Netherlands and second being Rest of Europe this way we can keep the high playerbase of Coastal but give Europe a little needed boost. This will make us follow Smogon's US map:


Now we have: Asia, Germany+Netherlands, Canada+OCE, Europe, West, Midwest, south and Northeast US. Keep in mind that we still have Latin America and Africa which we can add to any lackluster team, PLUS we can put Canada with any US part that seems lacking.

Option C: Your turn to split the regions! Make it smart though.

On eligibility;
We will be using Smogon's eligibility: Players may only play for the regions associated with their forum IPs. You can be grandfathered from that rule IF YOU PLAYED LAST World Cup. A player that has played last year for Asia but now reside in Europe may either pick their last year's team (here being Asia) OR their IP team (being Europe here). Choose wisely cause YOU WILL BE TEAM LOCKED FOR FUTURE WORLD CUPS unless your team gets deleted or split in future editions.

Your turn,
Now it's your turn to give us your opinion! Which region splits would you rather have? If none works for you, which region split do u think will suit us better
Are the metas satisfying? Or is there 2 much SM, would you rather see one more Bw slot or an ADV slot instead? Should we add more to the eligibility rule or it is fine as it is? Please only reply with legit arguments and not cause it would favor your regions. We will be reading carefully your comments and apply necessary changes if needed.
couldn't care less but your argumentology for removing 2v2 is very lackluster and doesnt have any backing,really looks like you just dont want it in the tour


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idk why people want adv especially when people were saying that dpp is not developed . Most teams will have to get a player to learn the tier and we had a few issues in clsssic with mons that were banned but there was no post about them.
Also who will make a good vr? Who will play the tier? And the last thing i have to say 4 sm slots are good because they let more unkown players have a chance to get the a spot.
I don’t see why we need to have 4 sm slots for each team because that just seems unnecessary and boring. Maybe including older gens such as bw, dpp or adv or like cash said monotype would make this tour more fun. That way there could be more options to choose from and also an increase in player signups as well. 1v1 is a metagame where most people can get good by constantly playing the game so we will have better players on each category, making the tour more intense.

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We're at a point where we have more new 1v1 players than ever before.
A truly boring tour imo would be one where the same 3 players are slotted into USUM 1v1 each week.

4 USUM slots is sufficient to allow newer players to have an opportunity to shine.
The only change I'd be willing to make is to make one of the USUM slots into Bo7.

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Delete Dpp 1v1. The format is absurdly underdeveloped and there is really no reason for anyone to play it. 3 players maybe have played over 50 games in it. And it can’t be played on main which sucks. I’d honestly rather have 7 slots than DPP in the tournament, but if you desperately need an 8th slot here’s some suggestions.

Another BW: a by far more interesting and developed metagame than DPP. The overall power is higher, more items are nice. It still can’t be played on main and doesn’t have tons of people who have played it before but it can picked up much easier by SM players

2v2: while I dislike 2v2 as much as the next guy, your reasoning is bs. We’re a UM, excluding a metagame because they’re not official enough is ridiculous. 2v2 has a very active player base that’s genuinely excited about 2v2 which is more that can be said about DPP.

AG 1v1: An extremely fun format that deserves love and affection. So many people have played AG 1v1 in the AG room which could help attract players from there. It can also be picked relatively quickly by newer players. Also most potential managers have played AG 1v1 before.

UU 1v1: pretty much just also known as the 5th SM slot, which is fine cause the vast majority of players have joined in the last year and a half anyways. The metagame sucks and has never been seriously attempted to be developed but that’s practically DPP.

Anyways idc what you do with the map but learn what a coast is.
Alright, gonna weigh in on this.

Keep DPP.
The format is far from underdeveloped and in my experience is extremely well balanced and fun to build for. In addtion to this it's not too hard to learn and should definitely be kept.

Add 2v2.
This format is way more diverse and unique than any of the metas we currently have listed. The mechanics and strategies are completely different, and that'a a good thing. This is the most fun format in 1v1 to build for (imo), and sees a more diverse variety of playstyles than the current 1v1 metagames. Access to a second pokemon allows for completely new strategies and predictions are more complex as well. The reasoning deg is using is worse than dexit (#FreeTheGuys).

We have decided to remove 2v2 from World Cup as it isn't a metagame that we want to endorse in all 1v1 tournaments, we have added it in 1v1 Premier League so we can remove it from World Cup. 2v2 Doubles had average games this PL and last WC they were worse. This indicates that the play level of 2v2 Doubles is increasing but it isn't enough for us to justify it being used in both of our team tournaments, it is also a 1v1 "OM" and shouldn't follow us in all tournaments.
What does this even mean? Deg literally acknowledges that the level of play is improving despite it no longer being available on ladder and still chooses it to exclude it. In addition to this, calling it an "OM" and using that as justification is not really applicable to a format arguably more popular than DPP behind SM, ORAS, and BW.

In conclusion 2v2 should be added back, it's a great format and deserves to stay for it's departure from the normal 1v1 strategies.

Keep 4 USUM.
As much as I dislike USUM, having 4 slots here lets newer players be able to play instead of a more limited 3 slots where the likely outcome is the same 3 players every single week.

Don't add ADV.
The metagame is unpopular and incredibly underdeveloped, in addition to not being playable on main.

Maybe add a SM Bo7 slot.
If a USUM Bo5 slot is removed for another tier, I don't think adding a Bo7 slot is warranted. However, if we do keep all 4 I'd be amicable to drop one for Bo7.
I understand DEG for putting 4 SM slots. It's the end of SM. But having another metagame possible 1v1's OM games would be nice.
What's a world cup without cute pokemon like ghastly, abra, vulpix, or grimer? Remove a SM and add LC.
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